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Tracts & Articles

Caderno apologético para pastores e obreiros cristãos—Portuguese (ACFAR)    
Carnet d'apologétique pour les pasteurs et les ouvriers chrétiens—French (ACFAR)    
Daftari la Utetezi wa Imani kwa Wachungaji na Watumishi wa Kikristo—Kiswahili (ACFAR)    
Kitabu ndogo kuhusu utetea ukristo kwa wachungaji na wafanya kazi ya kikristo—Congolese Swahili (ACFAR)    
Patterns in the Cults—English (ACFAR)    
Understanding and Answering Faith of Unity (Owobusobozi Bisaka)—English (ACFAR)    
Sister—Don't Be the Next Victim!—English (ACFAR)    
Five Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible—English (ACFAR)    
Four Ways You Can Tell True from False Prophets —English (ACFAR)    
Grasping the True Grace of God —English (ACFAR)    
Beware the Teachings of Andrew Wommack —English (ACFAR)    
Dr. David Owuor: True Prophet — or False? —English (ACFAR)    
Warning: "Oneness Pentecostalism" (Jesus Only)—English (ACFAR)
Four Dangers of Jehovah's Witnesses (IRR/ACFAR)    
Is Mormonism Christian?—English (IRR/ACFAR)    
Is Mormonism Christian?—Luganda (ACFAR)    
The Mormon Church and the African (ACFAR)    
The New Apostolic Church—The One True Church, or Another Erroneous Sect (ACFAR)
The New Apostolic Church (Dr. Victor Kuligin, Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology)
What's Wrong with Seventh-Day Adventism? (ACFAR)    
Is Brother Branham Your Absolute? (ACFAR)    
William Branham: Healing and Heresy (ACFAR)    
Beware the "Bio Disc" (ACFAR)    
The Dangers of Cultic Involvement (Reuben Kigame, Word of Truth Ministries)
A Statement on Prosperity Teaching (Lausanne Theology Working Group)
Why CFAR? Why Africa? Why Now? (Paul Carden, Proclamation! magazine)    
What Does Christ Gospel Church Teach? Analyzing the Teaching of Bernice R. Hicks
Should We Critique Mormonism? (Lifeway Online)    
What is 'Official' Mormon Doctrine? (Lifeway Online)    

Book Reviews and Notices

Femi Adeleye, Preachers of a Different Gospel. Kampala: IFES Anglophone Africa, 1999; 154 pp.
Robby Muhumuza, False Teachers and False Teaching. Kampala: IFES Anglophone Africa, 1999; 61 pp.
Richard Gehman, Who Are the Living-Dead? A Theology of Death, Life After Death and the Living-Dead. Nairobi: Evangel Publishing House, 1999; 350 pp.
Marvin S. Wolford, Free Indeed from Sorcery Bondage. San Rafael, CA: Pathway Press, 1999.
Robert Bwire, Ashes of Faith: A Doomsday Cult's Orchestration of Mass Murder in Africa. Amsterdam: Frontier Publishing, 2007; 166 pp.
Bernard Atuhaire, The Uganda Cult Tragedy: A Private Investigation. London: Janus Publishing Company, 2003; 138 pp.
S. Kabazzi-Kisirinya, Nkurunziza R.K. Deusdedit, and Banura Gerard, eds., The Kanungu Cult-Saga: Suicide, Murder or Salvation? Kisubi, Uganda: Marianum Press, 2000; 112 pp.
Byang H. Kato, Theological Pitfalls in Africa. Nairobi: Evangel Publishing House, 1975; 200 pp.

ray ban outlet

Anatoli Wasswa and Henry Ford Miirima, Unveiling Witchcraft. Kisubi, Uganda: Marianum Press, 2006; 361 pp.
Paul Gifford, African Christianity: Its Public Role. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1998; 368 pp.
Richard K. MacMaster and Donald R. Jacobs, A Gentle Wind of God: The Influence of the East Africa Revival. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 2006; 403 pp.
Heike Behrend, Alice Lakwena and the Holy Spirits: War in Northern Uganda, 1986-1997. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 1999; 210 pp.
Allan H. Anderson, African Reformation: African Initiated Christianity in the 20th Century. Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, Inc., 2001; 282 pp.
Yusufu Turaki, Foundations of African Traditional Religion and Worldview. Nairobi: WordAlive Publishers, 2006; 128 pp.
Peter Kasenene, Religious Ethics in Africa. Kampala: Fountain Publishers, 1998; 110 pp.
Joe M. Kapolyo, The Human Condition: Christian Perspectives Through African Eyes. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2005; 169 pp.

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