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Vincent Langarti

Vincent Langariti
General Secretary, FOCUS (InterVarsity) Uganda

"The church in Uganda has been preoccupied with dealing with many other issues, and there has not been a sustained effort in addressing the issue of cults. A center like ACFAR will really help bring the issue of cults to the forefront and provide the resources to help church leaders, as well as students in colleges and Universities (who are such a target of cults because of their strategic nature), in dealing with doctrinal error. Personally I am really excited about this opportunity that I believe God is going to use to strengthen the church in Uganda."

Robby Muhumuza

Robby Muhumuza
Former Area Director, World Vision East Africa
False Teachers and False Teaching
Board Chairman, Africa Centre for Apologetics Research

"East African nations continue to be hotbed for all sorts of religious cults, false prophets, and false teachers. Some are imported, others are home-grown; both lure unsuspecting, innocent people into their claws with disastrous consequences. ACFAR is uniquely positioned to contribute to meeting this need. We immensely need your contribution towards researching, writing, publishing, and broadcasting messages that will deal with cults in East Africa."

Aggrey Mugisha

Aggrey Mugisha
Communications Manager, World Vision Uganda
Standard Supervisor, Uganda Christian University

"The problem of being misled or being deceived in the African cults is so, so rampant. ACFAR comes in to emphasize the importance of biblical teaching, the importance of knowing what cultic groups may emerge. It comes to help us with that, and I think that's why I feel it's important that I should support it on the board and ensure that our young people, our old people, the people in our churches, are exposed to some good Christian teaching."

Kurt G.P. Schimke

Kurt G.P. Schimke
Lecturer, African Bible University
Kampala, Uganda

"I am only too happy to endorse your critical ministry. Everywhere I go I see the devastating efforts of poor, unbiblical thinking. With the meltdown of western powers and the instability of so-called democratic movements, we need the straightforward, pure Gospel more than ever before. ACFAR reaches into that chaos with penetrating truth! Your ministry is now more than ever desperately needed."

Rev. Canon Dr. Johnson Ebong

Rev. Canon Dr. Johnson Ebong
Chaplain, St. Francis Chapel, Makerere University

"I hereby write to wholeheartedly acknowledge the transformational ministry of ACFAR. My encounter with the apologetic works ACFAR for the last few years has been very helpful to me and my ministry at the great and prestigious Makerere University...ACFAR is 'God sent' to combat false teachings in our institutions."

Julius Twongyeirwe

Julius Twongyeirwe
National Director, Proclamation Task—Uganda

"As a nation we are at a stage where there are many questions concerning religions and the Christian faith, and having ACFAR in Uganda is helpful in that many who would like to walk in genuine faith are still not able because they do not have answers to their questions. So there's a critical challenge to the church, and ACFAR comes in at the right time actually to resolve this...It's something that we need right now."

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