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Bambi Baaba

EXPLORE GROUPS: Sserulanda Spiritual Foundation

Sserulanda Spiritual Foundation

Sserulanda Nsulo Yobulamu Spiritual Foundation, Sserulanda Nsula Ya Bulamu, Seruranda (sic)

Jozzewafe Mugonza, aka "Bambi Baaba," aka "HIG (His Imperishable Glory) Bambi Baaba Baabuwee" (1937-2017)

Ssendagirwa Mulazanye (aka Omulanda Balansibo Ssendagirwa), Bhuka B. M. Bijumiro-jjumiro (Sserulanda Secretary General), Beenunula E. Nunumi (?)

Uganda (1975)

Kachanga village, Kabira sub-county, Uganda

Kirabo Memorial Schools, Great Lakes International Sports Academy

The Living Saints Temple of Wisdom, ZenithGold Publishers, Seesamirembe City, Licosonic Imageatrics Laboratory, Sserulanda Universal Spiritual Fraternity, Sserulanda Spiritual Planetary Community, Lake Victoria Free Trade Zone (LVFTZ)

include Bambi Baaba: Redeemer of the New Age, The Diamond Principles for Immediate Accomplishment, The Science of Expectology, Irrevocable Commitment, The Danger of Profaning Divine Sanctuaries

Uganda’s "Sunday Vision" newspaper claims that "In 1949, at the age of 12, Bambi Baaba Mugonza claimed he had received a vision of a cave on which to build a shrine as the centre piece of a ’Spiritual City of the New Age of Truth’. On Christmas Day in 1975, Mugonza found the cave in Ssesamirembe, in Kabira Sub-county, Rakai District and settled there with Ssentongo Dedembessa. He then formed the Serulanda Nsulo Y’Obulamu (Fountain of Life) Spiritual Foundation." One Sserulanda-related web page claims: "Bambi Baaba Baabuwee is a Purified Perfect Divine Enlightened Guardian who was born incognito and self-concealed in this world. He directly descended from the Divine Race of the Great Rare Divine Beings known as Sserukoonoka (The Divine Perfect Born-Saints). In descending and entering the solar and earth chain, He manifested the sacred Sun-Disc; the sacred pot of unimaginable divine secrets bearing the Origin of divine ageless infinite wisdom. ...Bambi Baaba Baabuwee has now begun giving humanity a glimpse of this secret knowledge. The purpose for doing so is to help humanity learn ways, means and channels necessary for planetary transformation. Since birth, He has spent much of his time in self-concealment, traveling incognito, adhering to the virtue of divine obedience as he was instructed to remain hidden until such a time when the veil of ignorance would be removed from a reasonable percentage of the human family." An October 2018 report in the New Vision newspaper explains that "The foundation’s teachings combine Hindu, Buddhism [sic], Sikh and traditional Bachwezi practices…."

According to one account, the founder "is inviting all planetary citizens to converge on Lake Victoria to build a new city, a peace city. We want to create a city where all the people of the World will not have to look for land on where to build their projects. But more importantly, the area around Lake Victoria—that ’cradle’ of man—is a high cosmic ’vortex’ so, His Imperishable Glory Bambi Baaba has explained that the process of building the Spiritual City will activate the cosmic energy that has been locked up in Africa and thus bring about a shift in the consciousness of the planet." Various news accounts have been published in which irregularities are alleged in connection with this project.

The founder is said to combine "Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Bachwezi traditional practices in his version of spirituality." According to one published analysis, "The teachings of Bambi Baaba are quite similar to that of Radha Soami. Humans are seen as sparks of God who have for years associated with the alien nature of this life. To escape this life one needs a Perfect Living Saint and Master. The Master guides people through a process of initiation, termed Okutendeka (or training). The soul must travel from the lower body centers to the higher body centers to the various physical realms (astral, causal, and spiritual) to the fifth level, the natural home of souls. The true master initiates people into the Sound Current (shabd) which the soul will follow to the higher realms. He will also explain the colors that the soul will see at each level of development. The Master will meet the student as they travel the inner planes and assist them." In addition, "Initiates are asked to eat a vegetarian diet and refrain from the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics."

Canada, Uganda, United States

English, Luganda

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