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EXPLORE GROUPS: Church of Isa Masiya

Church of Isa Masiya

variant spellings include Issa Massiya

"Apostle" Nabi Besweri Kaswabuli (aka Christopher Besweri Kaswabuli) (1936–)

"Apostle" Nabi Besweri Kaswabuli (aka Christopher Besweri Kaswabuli) (1936–)

Uganda (1965?)

Busembatya, Uganda

According to one source, " he had a vision instructing him to lead the people of God through evangelism…[and] his sect only believes in what is written in the 1877 Luganda version Bible of Isa Masiya."

Reports indicate that the sect restricts believers to marry within the group.

The group’s followers may number as many as 100,000

Kenya, Uganda

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