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Ryuho Okawa


Happy Science

include Kofuku-no-Kagaku, Institute for Research in Human Happiness (IRH), Ciência da Felicidade

Ryuho Okawa (1956-) (born Nakagawa Takashi)

Ryuho Okawa (1956-)

Nishi-ogi-minami, Japan (1986)

Utsonomiya City, Japan

Happy Science Academy

Happiness Realization Party; IRH Press Co., Ltd. (Kofuku no Kagaku Shuppan), Happy Science Institute of Government and Management

include The Dharma of the Right Mind, The Laws of the Sun, The Laws of Eternity, The Golden Laws, The Laws of Happiness, The Laws of Creation, Science of Happiness, On the Mission, The Eternal Buddha, The Essence of Buddha, Healing Yourself. Happy Science currently claims that Okawa has written over 900 books. However, scholar Trevor Astley writes that "Examination of [Okawa’s] alleged communications with higher spirits suggests plagiarism on a grand scale."

Happy Science Monthly, The Liberty

According to one of the group’s web sites, "On March 23rd 1981, Ryuho Okawa achieved Great Enlightenment and awakened to his mission to bring happiness to all humanity. Master Okawa’s teachings are based on leading a life according to the Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection, and Progress. His teachings combine Eastern and Western philosophies with a universal outlook that transcends religious, cultural, ethnic and traditional boundaries. The teachings incorporate all truths discovered by enlightened prophets and messiahs of past history and applying their teachings for today’s world. Thus, in order to convey his message and the Truth to the public he established Happy Science in 1986." "We have faith in Lord El Cantare, Eternal Buddha, who has been guiding humanity throughout eternity. In the past, the consciousness of El Cantare was incarnated as Shakyamuni Buddha (Gautama Siddhartha) in India, and as Hermes in Greece. Now, His core consciousness has descended on earth as Master Ryuho Okawa and preaches the Truth." In the words of researcher Ian Tweddell, Happy Science "is similar to most new religious groups in that it is highly syncretic, in this case combining traditional Buddhist doctrine with elements drawn largely from the Western New Age movement. Okawa has published books which include material on the legendary lost continents of Mu and Atlantis, as well as dialogues between himself and Jesus Christ (for example, Okawa writes that the spirit now known as Jesus was called ’Agasha’ 10,000 years ago when he ’was incarnated in Atlantis’). When Okawa states that Shakyamuni [Buddha] was a manifestation of the ’El Cantare Consciousness,’ he grants himself a measure of spiritual authority. Okawa also incorporates Moses and Confucius in his work as guiding spirits, as well as the ’Planetary Consciousness’ which exists within the Earth’s ’tenth dimension.’"

Ryuho Okawa attacks Jesus, claiming that He… - is not God - is not the "only begotten son" of the Heavenly Father - was the Hindu god Krishna in a previous lifetime - was not born of a virgin—instead, he is the natural child of Joseph and Mary - committed sins while on earth - depended on the Greek god Hermes, who gave him wisdom and power and changed him from Jesus into Christ - traveled to Egypt and India to learn yoga and meditation - is not the unique savior of the world (instead, there are many saviors) - did not pay for our sins on the cross so that we could have eternal life (instead, Okawa even calls Jesus’ death on the cross a "failure!") - did not rise bodily from the grave (instead, his body was removed from the tomb by a follower)

According to the Japan Times, before founding Happy Science, Okawa "wrote books in which he channeled the spirits of Muhammad, Christ, Buddha, Confucius and Mozart. Conveniently, if improbably speaking in Japanese, the prophets had much the same message: Japan is the world’s greatest power and should ditch its Constitution, rearm and lead the world." In 1991, the Associated Press described Okawa’s "ultranationalist preaching" at a giant rally in which he portrayed "the Japanese as a chosen people destined to destroy the United States and the Soviet Union and make China ’a slave’" (and Korea "a prostitute").

Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States

Scholars note that the membership claims of Happy Science are greatly exaggerated.

include Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Luganda, Portuguese, Spanish

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