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EXPLORE GROUPS: Manmin Central Church

Manmin Central Church

Manmin Chungang Sungkyol, Manmin Jun-ang Church, Manmin Joong-Ang Church, Manmin World Mission, Manmin TV, Manmin World Family Network

Jaerock Lee (1943-) (also rendered as Lee-Jaerock, Lee Jae-Rock)

Jaerock Lee (1943-)

Seoul, South Korea (1982)

Seoul, South Korea

Manmin Missionary Training Center, Manmin International Seminary

The Global Christian Network, Manmin TV, World Christian Doctors Network

include Understanding the Message of the Cross; Heaven 1 and 2; Hell, Tasting Eternal Life Before Death; My Life—My Faith; The Measure of Faith; Awaken Israel

Manmin Magazine, Manmin Newspaper

Manmin TV (the church’s television station), Global Christian Network

Perfectionism, typical of conservative holiness churches, with strong reliance upon Jaerock Lee for healings and visions. According to the doctrinal statement it seems that a believer must work to keep his own salvation intact by continual obedience.

Lee has been the object of many accusations, including sexual misconduct with members, gambling, and making messianic claims. Several of his healing and miracle claims have been brought under scrutiny, and were exposed on a documentary (referenced in the BBC news article below). When this aired, 300 members of his church violently rushed the studio to try and prevent the documentary from being broadcast. While this took place, 1,500 more of his followers staged a sit-in. Johnny Kim, director of Manmin TV, stated in a Jerusalem Post interview that Lee did not claim divinity; however, according to some sources, Lee declared in 1998 that he was sinless and could not die.

For a quick glimpse into the mind of Jaerock Lee, one of the most telling resources is his own autobiography. It is littered with self-promotion. The entire book gives the reader a feeling that Lee is simply boasting about his own spirituality and love for God. He speaks often about how obedient he was as a child and never wanted to burden his parents. Rather than giving his readers an honest look into his life, his writing smacks of propaganda.

The BBC states 65,000. Lee himself claims over 100,000.

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