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Yang Xiangbin

EXPLORE GROUPS: Church of Almighty God (Eastern Lightning)

Church of Almighty God (Eastern Lightning)

Eastern Lightning, Dongfang Shandian Jiao, Lord’s Hidden Advent in China, Endtime Work of God

Zhao Weishan

Zhao Weishan, Yang Xiangbin

Zhengzhou, China ca. 1993

Zhengzhou, China; West Nyack, NY USA

include The Scroll that the Lamb Opened; The Eternal Gospel: The Salvation of God’s Kingdom Has Come; The Word Appears in the Flesh

Eastern Lightning claims that Jesus has returned as a Chinese woman named Yang Xiangbin who lives in hiding in Henan, China. Salvation is achieved through this female Christ. The group’s message is highly apocalyptic.

Widely reported to be a highly aggressive sect that uses brainwashing sessions to make converts and has published a 67-page instruction manual on how to convert other Christians. Accusations of abuse—including blackmail, poisoning, even torture—are common.

Critics charge that the group conceals its identity through the use of various aliases or front names.

Claims 300,000, but more likely 20,000–30,000

Canada, China, Kenya, Laos, Russia, Vietnam, United States

Mandarin, other Chinese languages/dialects; Spanish, Portuguese, German, Greek, Russian, Swahili, and others

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